Ciaran has been competing for Cardiff AAC for over 10 years, and despite only being 23; he has accumulated 40 international honours in many types of disciplines, including track, cross country, road and mountain running. Whilst in his final year of sixth form, Ciaran decided that joining TeamThie was the next step in progressing his career. In his first year following James Thie’s coaching, Ciaran became Welsh Junior Cross Country champion, and earned two GB vests.

After accepting a place at Cardiff Metropolitan University to study Accounting and Finance, Ciaran has now become one of the most experienced members in the group. Ciaran has continued to improve in recent years, posting both a sub 30 10km, and a sub 9 minute 3K steeplechase, taking the British Under 23 Title in the latter.

Recently Ciaran, and other TeamThie member Jake Smith, have bought a house in Cardiff, so for the foreseeable future, along with the expertise of James, will both look to continue to grow their already impressive list of accolades.

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