David started his junior athletic career quite late as his first sporting passion was football, playing at academy level. In 2016, he combined his love of football with athletics and joined Newport Harriers. He started experimenting with a few events including hurdles and high jump though soon found his preference was 800m. In 2018 he moved to Cardiff AAC. At the same time, he made the decision to join the famous TeamThie where his athletic career has started to take off.

From first running 2:33 in 2016, he finished the 2019 season with 1:51. David is often an exciting runner to watch but can sometimes leave things too late. In his own words “Everything is yet to click”. Outside of athletics, David has been studying hard in readiness to attend Loughborough University in the Autumn. He also enjoys his holidays combing his training with a lot of leisure. He is looking forward to the next couple of years and hopefully see all his hard work pay off.

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