Steve Morris is a T20 middle distance runner who started working with James Thie towards the end of 2015 after competing and becoming an established figure at multiple IPC World Championships and the 2012 London Paralympics. Steve’s performances in the 800m & 1500m distances have earnt him a reputation as a fearless racer and since working with TeamThie he has lowered his personal bests across a range of distances including the 800m & 1500m.


Morris placed an impressive 6th place at the 2016 Paralympic games in Rio De Janeiro to equal his placing at the previous Paralympic games in London. At the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships in London, The Cardiff AAC runner put in string of gutsy performances to place 5th in the 800m, 4th in the 1500m and 5th in the 5000m after racing a total of four races in less than 1 week against the worlds best. Steve has big goals for the future with his next big aim being to make his 3rd Paralympic games in Tokyo 2021 and beyond that, he has set his sights on the next chapter of life with his eyes focused on becoming a personal trainer to help others reach their goals.


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