Coach JT & the summer of 2016 is coming!

April 21, 2016

First off, a big thank you to Dave Bishop for getting our TeamThie website up and running. We never had an official launch and actually some of the content was ready a while back. But like anything it was good to finally get it out there. Watch out for the new athletes being added to the “roster” and updates to the team records.

This period of April is always a fun one as we get ready for the summer. The indoor season was good and we had some strong progressions throughout the group. This was highlighted by us having 9 athletes at the UK Championships, with Steve Mitchell 5th in the 1500m. In the cross country season, Ciaran Lewis and Charlotte Green both finished top 10 at the UK inter-counties. On the road there were 5km PB’s in Armagh for Josh Griffiths, Chris Carpanini, Matty Edwards & Steve Mitchell. Then in the Manchester 10km both Ieuan Thomas & Mike Kallenberg run sub 30 & Gina Paletta went sub 35. In the World half marathon champs open race, there were pbs for Mike Kallenberg & Chris Carpanini. Then Charlotte Arter made her debut winning the mass race with 73:16, a time good enough for second Brit & 30th in the Worlds. The national road relays saw 4 athletes inside the top 10 fastest times, including the impressive Kat Marshall 6th short stage, after a few years ago being a 400m runner!

Now Sunday is London marathon time, with Mike Kallenberg going the full distance & Charlotte Arter now a pacemaker in the Elite women’s field.

The team has already started their summer seasons including Matt Clowes who opened with an outdoor 5000m pb in the Oregon relays. So we look forward to more athlete blogs, results & information from TeamThie.

Thanks again for reading,

Cheers James

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